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Prepping for Hyperinflation with Bitcoins

January 26th, 2013

In the near future, when your national government debases the official currency in order to avoid default, bank accounts and bonds will become worthless. After months of disruption people will adjust to life where prices and wages double every few weeks. “Junk silver” is what we recommend as your day-to-day money during the transition. For the longer term, savings are normally kept in precious metals, such as gold Krugerrands or platinum Eagles, but an alternative has appeared. Bitcoins also are a good choice of long-term savings medium.

Book Review: All God’s Children by Fox Butterfield

January 19th, 2013

This book is an entertaining but preposterous polemic that blames both 18th-century code duello and early 20th-century Jim Crow for somehow creating a late 20th-century sociopath.

Resource Predators versus Process Predators

January 5th, 2013

Monkey-dance challengers are loud and seek an audience. Apologize and back away. Predators seek secluded venues with no witnesses. Adopt an interview stance and warn them. Ninety percent will then flee. One in ten resource predators will still try to take your property and escape. Let them. No property is worth going to prison or spending your life savings to avoid prison. Process predators will try to take you somewhere private or bind your hands. Fight for your life.