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What Part of “Trained and Licensed” Don’t They Understand?

December 29th, 2012

One issue is routinely disputed when the topic of gun control is raised, even among armed citizens themselves. It is the fear that someone out there lacks adequate training. The training issue has lately become more heated than usual on gun forums, because of a recent school shooting in Connecticut. Ever since laws were passed that forbid teachers from carrying guns in school, the United States, like Europe, has averaged about one school shooting every 60 days. (See this blog for details.) In simple fact, only one method has ever been proven to stop school shootings once and for all. That is to permit trained, licensed teachers to carry their sidearms on the job.

Short-Circuiting the Monkey Dance

December 22nd, 2012

Some self-defense experts teach students to de-escalate potentially violent situations: apologize, reatreat, defer, accept blame. Others teach aggressive escalation: be loud, be clear, and be increasingly firm in making it obvious that you are not a victim. The apparent discrepancy between the two tactics is because instructors are talking about two different kinds of violence: (1) the monkey dance and (2) predation. Any reponse that de-escalates a monkey dance will aggravate predation, and vice-versa.

Gender and Firearm Shape Influence Jurors

December 15th, 2012

When judging a home-invasion self-defense shooting, jurors expect women to be gun-incompetent and men to be gun-competent. They more often convict and give longer sentences to anyone who violates either expectation. Jurors are also influenced by seeing a weapon as “evil-looking”. They more often convict and give longer sentences to users of military-looking rifles, pump-action shotguns, or semiautomatic pistols than respectively, to users of hunting-looking rifles, double-barreled shotguns, or revolvers. Finally, female jurors are harsher than males.