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What Part of “Trained and Licensed” Don’t They Understand?

December 29th, 2012

One issue is routinely disputed when the topic of gun control is raised, even among armed citizens themselves. It is the fear that someone out there lacks adequate training. The training issue has lately become more heated than usual on gun forums, because of a recent school shooting in Connecticut. Ever since laws were passed that forbid teachers from carrying guns in school, the United States, like Europe, has averaged about one school shooting every 60 days. (See this blog for details.) In simple fact, only one method has ever been proven to stop school shootings once and for all. That is to permit trained, licensed teachers to carry their sidearms on the job.

How to Stop a Mass Shooting

September 1st, 2012

On average, 14.3 victims are killed in each mass shooting that is stopped by the police. On average, only 2.3 victims are killed in each mass shooting that is stopped by civilian bystanders. We show how these facts were computed. Then we offer two possible explanations: First, police arrive too late. Second, armed bystanders are better trained.

Civic Duty versus Self-Interest

July 14th, 2012

Virtually everyone will defend their own spouse and children if the need arises. But how much risk would you take to protect your neighborhood? Would you risk criticism by your neighbors? Being shunned? Monetary expense? Physical injury? Imprisonment? Death?

When Courts Defy the Law

July 7th, 2012

Courts sometimes reach decisions that defy the law. Statutes and caselaw say one thing but courts rule differently. This is because, despite lifelong efforts by good people, every justice system is corruptible and they have been corruptible in all societies throughout history. In the United States, the justice system is often corrupted by mass hysteria. Since colonial times, the newsmedia have periodically whipped the public into blind frenzy. Judicial lynching is a realistic danger to every armed citizen who was forced to defend his home against thugs.