About: Armed Citizens and the Law

This site presents a series of informative essays about interaction between armed citizens and the U.S. justice system. The essays fall into four topics:

  • The Police — Discusses armed-citizen encounters with law enforcement officers. It includes such sub-topics as disclosure, recording, being disarmed and cuffed, detainment, interrogation, and arrest.
  • The Courts — Deals with self-defense laws and how they are interpreted by the courts. It includes such sub-topics as duty-to-retreat, stand-your-ground, castle doctrine, and provocation.
  • The Media — Covers media falsification and spin intended to demonise armed citizens who defend themselves. Includes such sub-topics as unarmed, underage, and female attackers.
  • Prepping — Suggestions on how to prepare for hyperinflation of your national currency; focuses mostly on bitcoins.

The site is made available by Coqui Firearms Training, an NRA-certified, Florida-registered weapons training business that focuses on when to shoot, rather than on the equally important how to shoot taught by most instructors.